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My name is Bob D and I am the President of the BOD (Board of Directors) for the X___ HOA in San Marcos, Ca.  I am writing to recommend Jennifer Figgers and her new HOA Management Company JMJ Community Management, Inc.  Jennifer had been working for another Management Company during the last 10 years as our HOA manager for X__ HOA and has been very professional and responsive to the needs of the BOD and the entire Community. She is knowledgeable and very well versed on the requirements and guidelines set forth by the State of California with regard to the Davis-Stirling Act. She has always been ‘ahead of the curve’ when it involves keeping the BOD aware of changes/modifications to the California HOA requirements as they occur.


Since my home is my largest and most important investment, I’ve always put a premium on accuracy, professionalism, common sense and knowledge when it comes to HOA Management and with her 16+ years of experience, Jennifer displays all of these attributes. 

Jennifer has been a delight to work with and I’m sure other HOAs will enjoy a similar experience.



Bob D

President of X__ HOA


"Working with Jennifer, I found that she is very competent, thorough and knowledgeable about the legalities. Easy to work with and very good at explaining procedures.  You can count on her to get the job done & right."


Jerry Aubertin, HOA Secretary – RS HOA


Jennifer Figgers does a great job of providing management services to our community here in Escondido.  Jennifer is very smart, helpful, engaged, and easy to work with.  I am on the HOA Board, and we all appreciate her professionalism and dedication.  She is able to provide expertise on any issue, and her years of experience and knowledge is always appreciated!!  Great company!!


David M – Mountain View

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